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Tatamka Hostel
Tatamka Hostel
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  • Tatamka Hostel
Bushra Iqbal
"Very decent place, among the best options for this price range. Best for 1-2 night stays. Especially you don't have much luggage."
Александр Луценко
"Очень понравилось.чисто и не дорого. Персонал супер."
Chau An
"It's amazing place to stay when you come to Warsaw. Cheap, comfortable, and friendly staff."
Birasa Bruno (Birasaart)
"Good place"
Gabriel Marval
"The place is okay and it has pretty good prices"
Eric Cornebois
"Très bonne situation. Non loin du palais de la culture, de la gare centrale (direct), près de la Vistule, train S2 direct pour l'aéroport, hostel très propre, cuisine commune, machine à laver, jardin, personnel impliqué et sympathique. Le musée Frédéric Chopin est juste de l'autre côté de la rue. Tous commerces à proximité."
Abubakr Mamajonov
"Best hostel I've ever seen."
Veronica Morales
"Es un buen hostal para grupos grandes, los camarotes suenan pero el desayuno es buffet y bueni"
"10 minutes walk for Chopin museum. Clean and cheap hostel."
Дмитрий Головач
"Отличный хостел, для туристов, которые гуляют Варшавой!"
Sanjeev Bhatnagar
"Excellent place for short stay"
Наталия Сницар
"Недорого і практично в центрі. Умови нормальні, фен можна взяти на ресепшині, є кухня загальногокористування"
Akako fukamie
"Un hôtel de jeunesse pas cher, cozy et cool avec une ambiance chaleureuse et conviviale, je recommande !"
Erik Helderweert
"Polite staff , great garden. Make sure you have some earplugs if you get a room at the streetside. Curtains didn't cover the whole window."
Mar Emergencia
"Bones installacions, els llits dels més còmodes que he provat! El personal també és molt amistós i t'ajuden en tot."
Craig Smith
"Great hostel. Very clean and comfortable"
Enrique Almeida
"Hostel muy económico, algo cerca del centro, muy buena atención."
alhassan akondor
"Amazing place with lots of facilities. Great customer service and value for money"
Safety measures: COVID-19

Dear Guests! We want you to feel safe in Tatamka Hostel, that's why we've taken a number of actions to minimize the risk of being infected with SARS COVID-19 coronavirus on our premises. Check what procedures we have introduced for the health and safety of our guests and employees.

1. Before coming to work every employee of the facility  is obliged to self-assess his health in accordance with the guidelines prepared by the Ministry of Health.

2. The management is also required to review and assess the health of subordinate employees on an ongoing basis, to provide them with appropriate assistance in the event of their well-being deterioration, and to release them from the workplace in such a situation.

3. Employees of our hostel have been equipped with protective equipment: masks, helmets and disposable gloves, which they wear when working during contact with guests.

4. The reception was additionally separated from guests by a plexiglass plate, and on the floor there is a separator designating a safe distance between the receptionist and the served person.

5. The reception desk top is disinfected each time a guest or contractor arrives at the reception desk.

6. All equipment issued (rented) from the reception (eg iron) is disinfected both before giving it to guests and after returning it.

7. At the main entrance, at the reception, at the common areas and on each floor, dispensers with hand disinfectant were installed.

8. The reception can have a maximum of 2 guests at a time.

9. We make sure that we always maintain a safe distance between employees, as well as between staff and our guests.

10. During the day, reception areas are disinfected on a regular basis by receptionists using specialized surface disinfection agents that have the appropriate approvals. In addition, the reception is ventilated at least once an hour.

11. Each room is cleaned after check-out in accordance with the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. In addition, the rooms are ventilated for at least 2 hours each time, and all surfaces - including light switches, desks, door handles - are thoroughly disinfected.

12. In generally accessible parts of the facility, such as at the reception or corridors, there is an obligation to cover the mouth and nose with masks or visors. This regulation applies to both employees and guests of the Tatamka Hostel.

13. Only registered persons may stay in the hostel.

14. Protective face masks for guests are available for purchase at the reception.

15. Our reservation system allows you to significantly reduce the check-in time at the reception counter, and because we try to reduce this time to a minimum - we encourage you to use the online check-in option, and direct any questions before arrival and during your stay by phone and email.

16. At the reception there are telephone numbers for various departments of the State Sanitary Inspection (sanitary inspectorate) and the addresses of the nearest pharmacies and hospitals.

17. We work with a certified laundry. The entire washing process takes place at a temperature equal to 60 degrees Celsius or higher.

18. Our staff, both reception and cleaning, have been properly trained and prepared to work in new conditions in accordance with the requirements of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate.

19. For disinfection of mattresses in rooms we use an evaporator (steam temperature at the nozzle outlet is about 90 * C), and bedspreads and blankets have been removed from the rooms.